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Rural. Marketing. Simplified.

QSignage provides an alternative outdoor marketing solution at block and panchayat level through an advanced AI based solution

Build your Brand Visibility and reach with 5000+ outdoor sites.

Smart digital displays in Rural India a click away.

Measure ROI with advertising analytics Dashboard.

With the right approach, great things can happen

At Qsignage we strive to provide our clients with advertising reach like no other, our product is truly built to scale with advanced technology to support from order placement to tracking to return matrices dashboards. 

Rural Markets need Rural Solution.
*not adapted urban solutions


What We Offer

We provide four categories of solutions - Banner, Banner+QR, QTV, QTV+LiveSell. All of these products are customized based on market intelligence and use cases of our clients to provide a tailormade 1click, multi-location, 24/7 advertising with aggressive local influencer driven deployment.

Expertise TechOps

ERP integrated systematic approach to track, detect and predict any operational glitches allows reduced turnaround time.

All-In-One Solution

From design, order placing to deployment and till metric measurement we consolidate all date in one single dashboard. 

Comprehensive Customer Support

We provide comprehensive customer support for any issues our clients or MicroPartners face. 

Integrate Offline-Online Solution

We are able to provide deployment for both Offline and Online outdoor advertising. With similar metrics to measure and improve. 

QSigange mediversal  Design v13 (1).webp

Built for Advertisers, by agrestic technocrats

Our toolkit provides one stop solution for designing the banners, uploading them, tracking printing and deployment, collecting user data, connecting with customers.



Total Design

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

We have just broken the shell, but our clients have trusted us to deliver quality results for them. We are honoured to have our clients in our portfolio. 


Explore Our Pricing Options

We offer competitive pricing for the scale and reach of potential customers. We provide a web dashboard for managing your campaigns, complaint redressal and payment processing.

  • Best Value

    Banner + QR 2.5x4

    Every month
    Use this plan to collect data through QR Scanning
    Valid for 3 months
    • 15 days deployment
    • <5% banner issues
    • Live data collection
    • *price per location

Get Ready to Reach Rural and market your products like never before

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